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Bentonville, AR (January 25, 1999)   Wal-Mart Stores, Incorporated announced today the introduction of a new, pork chorizo product. The product will be sold under the name Lopez Pork Chorizo and sold exclusively by Wal-Mart Stores across the country. The pre-cooked and frozen, pork sausage patties are flavored with "authentic"seasonings which replicate the taste of the spicy, Mexican-style, breakfast sausage.

The new chorizo product represents an expansion of the vendor relationship between Wal-Mart and Lopez Foods, Incorporated, of Oklahoma City, OK. Earlier this year, Lopez Foods was selected by Wal-Mart to produce and supply a pre-cooked and frozen pork sausage product. The brand, Country Cousin, which has proven to be a success with customers, prompted Wal-Mart to expand its variety of pre-cooked meat products to include the Mexican-style sausage.

Lopez Foods is ranked among the largest, Hispanic-owned, manufacturing firms in the nation. The company employs over 300 associates, who operate the plant 24-hours a day, making it one of Oklahoma City's major employers and sales leaders.


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